The Secret to a Great Life is Hydration! The Best Hydration comes in the form of 9.5 Alkaline Water

Over the normal course of the day, our body loses water. Natural alkaline water hydrates! Natural alkaline water oxygenates and cleanses our bodies. Natural alkaline water has no negative side effects.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Unlike tap water, high alkaline water delivery is healthier for your body as it does not have the fluorides or other chemicals added to it. Alkaline water from Apower can increase your natural energy as it does not have sugars or any additives. Active individuals that enjoy running, hiking or even working out should switch to alkaline water delivery to help dramatically improve hydration. Couple this water with your pre-workout or other mixes and additives to improve your overall athletic performance. High alkaline water can help regulate the body’s temperature and prevent overheating during outdoor activities such as running and hiking or mountain biking by hydrating and keeping the core temperatures steady without the spikes due to heat.

Why You'll Love 9.5 High Alkaline Water

Why Choose Alkaline Water from Apower?

9.5 High Alkaline Water

Our most popular bottle, the 4 gallon, is the top choice for bottled water delivery in Anaheim. Not many bottled water delivery companies offer BPA free bottles. Apower Water does, and it’s a great choice for your home or business! Apower comes in a case of 4, 1gal bottles, cases of 24 16.9oz bottles and cases of 24 1L bottles as well. These are great for mini fridges and travelling.

A Few Different Dispenser Choices

Alkaline water is great for cooking and for use with hot beverages like coffee and tea. With a hot and cold cooler rental, you get all the benefits of fresh cold alkaline water as well as hot for your drinks. ​If you need a cold cooler for your alkaline bottled water delivery, we have them available for rental or purchase. If you are used to room temperature water or prefer it over cold water, we have a crock with or without a stand for your alkaline water delivery in Anaheim.

Alkaline Water for Your Home or Office in Anaheim

​Apower water can be delivered directly to your door, and with a free cold cooler rental with service, you can enjoy fresh cold alkaline water daily. Allow your employees in Anaheim all the benefits of great tasting water with office water delivery. Apower water delivery services are always fast and on time and our truck drivers are courteous and friendly to our business and residential customers alike.

Great for Kids and Pets

​Alkaline water is great for your pets as well. Let your pets drink the same water you do that is much better for them than normal tap water. Starting at a young age, children tend to get too attached to the surgery drinks, which can have a negative effect on them in the future. Start them on high alkaline water from Apower to avoid future problems. Not only is high alkaline water good for all those in your family, or your office, but it is great for cooking as well. Maintain all the benefits of Apower water by using it for cooking, and in your coffee makers too!

What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

I absolutely love my 9,5pH high alkaline water! It helps me keep hydrated on long runs as well as it is the best tasting water on the market today. 

Alice Thinkerton

Shane Melaugh

I am forever drinking water and never have felt like I was drinking enough of it. With high alkaline water from Apower, I can feel my body is getting the hydration it needs without over doing it. 

Cameron Alastair

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