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Elevating Your Hydration Experience in Las Vegas

With any group water plan you purchase with us, Nevada Crystal Premium will offer a cooler rental (please ask for choices). Cooler rentals are available for both home and office water delivery services in Las Vegas. These coolers are designed to fit our 3, 4 and 5 gallon water bottles.

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We Bring Fresh, Clean Water Right to Your Home or Office

Nevada Crystal Premium provides fresh, clean water daily to your home or office in the Las Vegas Area. We offer many different types of water, including Spring, Alkaline, Purified and Electrolyte. All our water goes through a rigorous filtering process to insure you are being provided with the best tasting, healthiest, and cleanest water. We deliver water to your home or office every 4 weeks. If you run out sooner, your plan can be changed at any time and more bottles can be added to your plan.

We have many different bottled water sizes to choose from (brand available may vary) – Our most popular is the 5 gallon. We also have 3 gallon bottles, 4 gallon BPA free bottles, 3 gallon glass bottles, 16.9 oz bottles (by the case), 1L bottles and 1 gallon bottles. Please ask one of our representatives which sizes are available for each type of water.

Our water delivery services companies and residence in Las Vegas, NV. We delivery bottled water to homes and businesses once every 4 weeks unless special circumstances and arrangements are made. Our types of water vary, but we can assure you will find a type that suits your needs.

Alkaline Water

Made naturally with Magnesium and Potassium, our high alkaline water can be helpful with hydration and, in some cases, weight loss. Alkaline water has many possible benefits like improving hydration, helps body absorb nutrients and can cleanse the body by removing waste.

Real Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water

  1.  Your body naturally builds up acidic waste and toxins from aging, processed foods and prescription drugs. Natural alkaline water helps to detoxify the body.
  2. Over the normal course of the day, our body loses water. Natural alkaine water hydrates!
  3. Natural alkaline water oxygenates and cleanses.
  4. Consuming foods with a low pH can result in the body's ph level dropping. Natural alkaline water can give you premium hydration.
  5. Natural alkaline water has no negative side effects
  6. Consult your doctor for more benefits of hydration with high pH with Potassium & Magnesium.

Other Possible Benefits

Alkaline water might also have these benefits. Depending on your specific body, results might vary:

  1. Help your body absorb nutrients more effectively
  2. Regulates body temperature
  3. Carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body
  4. Cleanses body/removes waste
  5. Dramatically Improves Hydration
  6. Natural Energy
  7. Antioxidant

Keep in mind, our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Electrolyte Water

Also for the active individual is our electrolyte water. This type of water can help with re-hydration. Unlike Gatorade or Propel and other drinks that are “enhanced” with electrolytes, our bottled water does not contain the sugar additives found in these common “energy drinks”.

Purified Water

If you are looking for that everyday bottled water, our purified water is for you. It can be used for cooking, to make ice cubes, fill water bowls for your pets, and just drank like water from the tap. The only difference is our purified water has all the chemicals removed via techniques of carbon filtration and ozonation. Ours does not have any fluoride in it. Large amounts of fluoride can be harmful, and this is one major chemical found in water from your faucets.

Nevada Crystal Premium also offers our newest member to the bottled water delivery service – Crystal Blue which offers spring water to our customers. This product also comes as an alkaline spring water combo. It provides all the benefits of the alkaline water with the great taste of spring water.

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