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Known under its own name, Crystal Blue, our spring water is a great-tasting alternative to our other products. This artesian spring water is sparkling clean and comes with an alkaline enhancement. Nevada Crystal Premium can be depended upon for spring water delivered to your home or office.

The key benefit of spring water is it comes from water that flows to the surface from an underground source that is clean. Unlike most drinking water, spring water is considered to be free of most contaminants.

Because of its source, spring water bottle delivery contains minerals which are good for you. Our spring water is not treated with chemical disinfectants such as chlorine. In fact, it goes through the same rigorous process of filtering as all our other water types, to ensure there are no chemicals present.

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What Is Spring Water?

Spring water originates from an underground source and rises to the surface via natural processes. To be classified as such, spring water must reach the surface on its own. It is then collected at its source and filtered. The filtration process removes unwanted compounds and cleans the mineral-rich water; no other elements can pass through. The water is not altered in any other way.

Why You Should Drink Spring Water

There are many ways you can benefit from natural spring water home delivery. It is a good idea to consider switching to spring water because it:

  • Contains Beneficial Natural Ingredients: Spring water collects helpful microorganisms and various organic compounds as it passes through the soil on the way up to the surface. This is in part why it’s so densely packed with nutrients.
  • Delivers Oxygen to the Body’s Cells: Spring water has a high oxygen content, much of which is absorbed into your body when you drink it. Increased oxygen can boost your metabolism, speed cellular healing, and improve concentration.
  • Balances pH: Spring water is a neutral 7 on the pH scale. If the body is too acidic, or between 1 and 6 on the scale, it can affect your overall health. Balancing your body’s pH can help improve the function of various systems and is effective at maintaining good health.

Spring Water FAQs

Is spring water safe to drink?

How does spring water differ from purified water?

What type of bottles is spring water available in?

Spring Water Home Delivery

Nevada Crystal Premium is the top home water delivery service in the Las Vegas Valley. We proudly provide our services to your neighborhood. Just give the representative the zip code of your location and we can tell you when the next bottled water delivery driver will be in your area.

Our home bottled water deliveries occur once every 4 weeks according to the dates listed on your spring water subscription plan. Our customer service is exceptional and the drivers are friendly and guarantee on-time deliveries of your water. If you happen to need changes to your schedule or to add to your plan, we are always happy to accommodate and work with you.

Office Water Delivery

Just like with the home water delivery service, our office deliveries are once every 4 weeks. Cooler rentals are available. Offices tend to need more bottles delivered depending on the number of employees working there. Essentially, the more bottles you get, the better price you may receive. If at any time you need to upgrade (or downgrade) your delivery of water, we can work with you to arrange such action.

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We are trusted to deliver fresh spring water to your home or office in the Las Vegas Valley. For assistance signing up for our spring water home delivery service and to learn about all we offer, contact us at 702-751-0845 today!

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Cooler Rental Available

3 Gallon Glass - 4 Gallon BPA FREE - 5 Gallon - ETC

We Have Many Types of Water to Choose From

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