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Nevada Crystal Premium Office Water Delivery Service

Why do so many businesses in the Las Vegas area choose Nevada Crystal Premium for their office water delivery? We partner with local businesses to provide a reliable supply of the highest quality drinking water for employees and customers.

What Are the Benefits of Office Bottled Water Delivery?

Providing nearby office dispensers with pure drinking water offers benefits to employee health and job satisfaction while supporting your employee wellness initiatives.

Healthy Employees

When great tasting alkaline or spring water options are convenient, employees are more likely to stay well hydrated, avoid sugary beverages, and reduce their risk of:

●    Headaches
●    Tooth decay
●    Obesity
●    Heat exhaustion
●    Kidney stones1,2

Happy Employees

Employees appreciate having pure premium drinking water dispensers and single-serve water bottles available that satisfy their wellness goals as well as their thirst.

Premium water dispensers are considered a money-saving perk by many. Especially in our hot, dry climate, great tasting spring or alkaline water is considered a necessity by staff and guests.

A Healthier Bottom Line

We offer affordable pricing for our premium office bottled water delivery service. This employee-friendly choice is a small investment that might even lead to fewer sick days and lower insurance bills for your company.

Choose the Best Service for Your Business

Choosing the best office water bottle delivery service couldn’t be easier. Nevada Crystal Premium office water delivery plans feature:

  ●    A 6-step purification process, including water softening, 3-stage reverse osmosis, micro-carbon filtration, UV light treatment, and ozonation for the purest water available.
●    Bottle sizes include 16.9-ounce, 1-liter, 1-gallon, 3-gallon, 4-gallon, or 5-gallon.
●    Our plans let you choose between electrolyte water, alkaline water, spring water, or purified water.
●    We offer a range of water bottles, including glass and other BPA-free options.
●    We also offer water cooler rental by the month to cover your facility fully.

Starting Your Office Water Delivery Service in Las Vegas

Are you looking to set up new bottled water delivery service for your office or business facility? Take the next step to get started with home or office delivery:

If you need 3-6 bottles every 4 weeks, you can click here for instant pricing.

If you need more than 6 water bottles a month or multiple water coolers, use this simple form and our representatives will provide the best possible pricing and billing period.

If you would rather talk to a friendly representative about the benefits of Nevada Crystal Premium office water delivery, give us a call at 702-479-5348.

Nevada Crystal Premium is a locally owned company that has been serving thousands of customers in the Las Vegas area for more than 12 years. We are committed to providing the best service experience possible and partnering with your business as you serve our community.




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