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At Nevada Crystal Premium, we take plain municipal water and transform it into the purest, best-tasting water you’ll find anywhere. We process our water fresh daily on-site, which means it never sits in a warehouse or on shipping trucks. You get the cleanest water possible delivered right to your door.

Our sophisticated water filtration process uses carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ozonation to remove nasty chemicals, contaminants, and traces of fluoride. The result is pure, pH-balanced water that’s great-tasting and good for your health.

 Set up purified water delivery today for your home or office. We serve the Greater Las Vegas area, including Henderson, Spring Valley, Boulder City, and North Las Vegas.

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Choose from a Variety of Bottle Sizes

Nevada Crystal Premium offers clean-tasting, purified water in a variety of bottle sizes. Our 5-gallon bottle is our most popular size. We also offer 3-gallon bottles, 4-gallon bottles, and cases of individual 16.9-ounce bottles—perfect for thirsty kids at home or staff at the office. Our bottles contain no Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in some plastics that may be harmful to health.

When you sign up for our water delivery service in Las Vegas you’ll receive a free cooler rental with your plan!

Home Delivery

Municipalities are required to disinfect water to meet local and state regulations for cleanliness and safety. But those standards rarely require the removal of all chemicals, toxins, and minerals. It’s why tap water often tastes bad.

We know your family’s health and happiness is your number one priority. You deserve clean, fresh-tasting water at home.

Nevada Crystal Premium is the top home water delivery service in the Las Vegas Valley. Our friendly water delivery staff deliver purified water right to your door. Our home bottled water delivery in Las Vegas happens every 4 weeks, according to the dates listed on your plan. If you need more frequent deliveries or our schedule doesn’t work for you, we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Find out when the next bottled water delivery driver will be in your area! Just give us a call and let the customer service representative know your zip code. All our purified water delivery plans come with a free cold water dispenser rental.

Office Delivery

Hydrated employees are more productive employees. Quench their thirst with purified water delivered right to your office. We can accommodate orders of every size, whether you have a single office suite or a multi-building business complex.

 Our office deliveries happen once every 4 weeks, but if you need more frequent deliveries, we’re happy to accommodate. Nevada Crystal Premium offers water delivery in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and throughout the Las Vegas Valley. We offer discounted rates the more bottles you order—ask the customer service representative you speak with for details.

Call: (702) 843-0663

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Cooler Rental Available

3 Gallon Glass - 4 Gallon BPA FREE - 5 Gallon - ETC

We Have Many Types of Water to Choose From

Plus $6.50 Service Fee   *Deposit may be required for equipment and bottles